The Green Book

The title of this book says it all ‘ Its full of Life’ . Also known as the ‘Third Universal Policy


. This book is one of The Gigcalanders favorites.

Green is good right? This book is great actually to the point where no one even speaks about it, not even at schools. Plato and Aristotle would even be proud of this book(even though their philosophies were stolen from Egypt 🙂 )

But hey man this book brings the ‘Light’ oh well it brought me to the ‘Light’ to me hey now I know what i really needed to know in order for my mental to evolve. Life is about evolution after all isn’t it . Get yourself a copy of This Universal Policy because I’m sure your school or university wont shed this type of light with you or drop us an email if you really can’t find it and we shall shed this type of ‘Light’ with you our lovely visitor . It was written by the socialist who was made into a villain Gadaffi. Essa is our theme bru.