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Up and Coming Artist-Adam Nimer

Adam Nimer  This artist is one f a kind hitting your soul with the freshest acoustic sounds man. The tingling sensation hits your whole body when you listen to Nimer’s sounds . Still a bit underground Nimer is going to hit the scene  like a

rude boyz gqom movement

RudeBoyz Gqom Originators

r Who are the Rude Boyz you might ask.    

MlaziMilano Album Out Now

OkMalumKoolKat The MlaziMilano

OkMalumKoolKat the original  Bad Man MlaziMilano. The Greatest OK , The most creative Malum, The Greatest KoolKat, The most abstract Poet,The Great MlaziMilano, man this guy is The Greatest  Africa has to offer hands down . The most creative poet with the dopest lines beaues

cane cutters-entertainment for your taste buds

Entertainment for your taste buds-Cane Cutters.

Cane Cutters is the place to get yourself a bunny chow lani  and Entertain your taste buds.  

rivertown - beer hall

RiverTown-Beer Hall

For all you Beer Lovers The Gigcalander got your  back – The Beer hall is the answer to all your Beer P’s and Q’s.  

Flouridation Of Water

Water fluoridation a major mad deception according to the information we’ve found here on the Gigcalander .  

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Fast And The Furious 8.

Another Killer Legendary Fast And The Furious Movie is about to hit our shores very soon.      

Mande Ride

In a world filled with disloyal people, you cannot be certain that you will not be double-crossed.   The ones you are riding for might not be riding for you  

What is happening in the world.

Quebec City mosque attack: Six dead and eight injured. At least six people were killed in a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City during evening prayers, police said.  

Yemeni civilians killed in first US raid under Trump

Trump trump trump what are you doing our yellow boy.