RudeBoyz Gqom Originators


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Who are the Rude Boyz you might ask.  

Well here’s an answer to your question these are the not so New Kidz or Boyz should I say that are taking over the Gqom scene by God speed. Recognised as the Gqom originators, the production and dj trio that works to spread the unique energy .

RudeBoyz have peaked the interest of many international acts including UK’s Goon Club Allstars who have released their first ever vinyl EP (Rudeboyz EP, released in 2015), as well as other platforms and from Radio Cómeme to Dazed Digital sharing their story and showcasing the gqom wave of a hypnotic layers of driving, intense, gratifying and slow-burning rhythms. Now they work qith the likes of OkMalumkoolKat on Gqi.

Rudeboyz have continued to build strong relationships with local and international musical community and industry.

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