Entertainment for your taste buds-Cane Cutters.

Cane Cutters is the place to get yourself a bunny chow lani  and Entertain your taste buds.

So this very strangely name restaurant is new around the block but guess what Cane Cutters is already gaining recognition its won the award for the restaurant that produces the best bunnies in KZN,way to go Can Cutters keep it up .

Now Gigcalanders if your never heard of or eaten a  bunnie chow before get yourself on the road to cane cutters at Glenwood because dam your taste buds are about to be rocked they do not only sell  the best bunny chows but they have a great menu as well to keep you  coming back for more all the time until your and addict like the Gigcalander and your busy writing reviews about cane cutters bunnie chow and writing thier name on everywall you see. Any way yeah you know what to do here are the directions man and their Facebook Page oh and website link. Lets get Cane Cutting on the chow and Essa of course.


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