Flouridation Of Water

Water fluoridation a major mad deception according to the information we’ve found here on the Gigcalander .

Dam how could they do this to us the tax payers the people who give them their  salaries.  I remember my mom always telling to me not pour water from the tap for because she bought some treated water she wanted us and her to drink and guess what i  suffered from what most of the youth suffer from and that is not listening to your elders until I  saw this video about the fluoride in water and i regret being Thomas.

Also known to fuck with your intellect and your third eye which nobody ever speaks about even our trusted chemical scientist and environmentalist bru but you know here on the Gigcalander we got your back check this video out and yes there is a way of fixing this problem. Drink water that has been reverse osmossed/filtered or natural spring water and just use the government water to flush your feces away my friend check this video out above to see what we are taking about on the Gigcalander about fluoridated water. Essa

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