Fast And The Furious 8.

Another Killer Legendary Fast And The Furious Movie is about to hit our shores very soon.



And yes you guessed it right we are fans, dam we are fans groupies what ever you want to call it The Gigcalander loves showing you this type of stuff.

Fast And The Furious 8 is nothing like its previous brothers it’s jam packed with action , wait which Fast And The Furious is not jam packed with action dam this movie is the shit Oops excuse The GC’s language its a computer after all  so you  can’t blame it  🙂 look man the director  F. Gary Gray knows his shit Oops its did it again but God dam that guys is good with  it and an all star cast that definitely hasn’t gone to waste.

Be on the lookout for the release of this movie but heres a little teaser above all this this text you know The Gigcalander has got your back so stay in tune so well keep you in the loop mate when its going to drop visit our twitter and page share i on facebook like our page support your brothers  . Essa

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