The Legendary Nokia 1020

Whooooooa how old is this Nokia 1020 phone but guess what it’s still being compared to your latest smart phones camera:).


Nokia the foundation of all phones( that’s our opinion from the drop down menu, to the USB port phones are being charged with today oh yes remember)  went all out on this one dammm, we  wonder what happened to them hey but anyway lets be Gigcalander and appreciate the good things hey this is great hey.

41 megapixel on the Nokia 1020 this is more than just a phone a its your best mate that ensures you never miss a  detail when taking  pictures. It comes in great colors and also has accessories which enhance the phone to the maximum. This phone is even being compared to some digital cameras and would definitely bury many . Check out this epic ( old )review on top an you be the judge .

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