Mmmmmh BMW 5 series prototype comes with Personal Co-Pilot.

The sauce from tech crunch. Real sauce the flaming 5 series comes with whaat !?!? Co Pilot bosssss yessss

so you can definitely impress your girl(s) on your first date or  simply just  relax a bit boss on a long drive cause lets face it bosses are suppose to relax aren’t they yes man.

Gigcalander just loves these type of tingz man ( big boy tingz bra )don’t blame us because you do love them as well and don’t be shy  to ell us that you  do. BMW a legend is releasing the always a LEGEND car their 5 series with co pilot so MERC fans holl- up BM is mad with their shit just  just when we were doubting them check, the video out and see what we are speaking about. The real VROOM PAH!

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